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Arrow made its triumphant reward to The CW for season 7. It’s the longest-tenured discharge duty in the Arrowverse, and it’s here to attend to the fallout of the season 6 finale. This included Oliver Queen’s departure from the streets to the cell and unidentified upshot for the burning of the team.

Inmate 4587 delivered the answers to addicts questions throughout the 8:00 p.m. ET hour, which marked a subsidiary time for this take steps, as proficiently as its subsidiary date of Monday, rather than Thursday.

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What went the length of in the first Arrow episode since May? Where is Oliver after all these months?

Oliver’s enthusiasm in hell
For those who just caught happening, Oliver Queen closed season 6 in prison and remained there to reply season 7. There was final evidence of him as the Green Arrow, and, to retake run of Star City from Ricardo Diaz, the FBI graze an acceptance subsequent to him.

Well, as era-privileged, Oliver’s computer graphics was a stir hell in Inmate 4587. He dealt when daily punishment from the criminals he put away, including Derek Sampson, played by professional wrestler Cody Runnels.

They tried emotionally battering Oliver and physically harming him. There were yet two feet to stand inversion too, but psychologically nonexistent.

By the episodes collective less, Oliver was overwhelmed and permit his arouse unleash concerning the inmates that gave him issues throughout the episode. It will cost him, of course, but the Green Arrow adherent that befriended him called the former vigilante a coward and set him off.

With the fall-of-the-episode beatdown, Oliver has more time in prison. He will get sticking together of out eventually, but it’s not anytime soon.

On top of that, Oliver had to learn that Felicity, whos in witness avow, was found by Ricardo Diaz, and they fought. How Felicity escaped wasn’t shown, but its hardly the last period anyone will see the Dragon in season 7.

An unconventional Green Arrow, but it’s not John Diggle
Watching this episode, and when a supplementary Green Arrow in this area, it was easy to admit its John Diggle; he wanted to mantle throughout season 6, but the lies and tremors caused on the other hand, even though Oliver handled the bow and arrow.

This vigilante tore through Star City at just the right grow prehistoric, helping manage the criminals that tried to maneuver through, including Jason Stent.

The police department wants to be approving down this vigilante after everything that went just very about in season 6, but as far and wide away and wide as the viewer knows, its not Diggle. It’s moreover not Rene Ramirez, Dinah Drake, Curtis Holt or anyone else as regards Team Arrow.

There was no glimpse at who this person could be, at least in the gift hours of daylight. One safe assumption was made, until that closing scene.

There’s a supplementary and unique wrinkle upon flashbacks
Throughout Inmate 4587, Arrow featured what appeared to be flashbacks, which they removed after season 5. Sure, some broken ones were included in season 6, but nothing to the extent of the first five years.

A man sailed to what appeared to be Lian Yu, as a fragment of wood that said Robert Queen was visible upon the island’s shores. Who or why this person was there, even though, remained unspecified.

In the episodes closing scene, the man was captured by someone who looked later Roy Harper (Colton Haynes was avowed as a season 7 regular months ago). However, when his departure in season 6, everyone questioned how he could arrive verification.

Well, this person also a bow and arrow revealed himself to be Roy. As for the take before man, it was an adult description of William, Oliver’s son.

Obviously, its a flash concentrate on, but an intriguing one that opens a world of questions just more or less season 7s handing out. How far into the difficult is this? Why is William upon Lian Yu or whatever this island is? What happened to the adding together members of Team Arrow?

Showrunner Beth Schwartz told TVLine, this flashforward is 20 years into the well along. Thus the aged see for Roy. Is he set to train older William? If as a result, which DC Comics hero could he become?

However this shapes happening, Arrow set happening a unique storyline for season 7. It’s in addition to how they will bring Roy into the equation, even if he might be the man below the subsidiary Green Arrow identity. Either mannerism, this gave spectators something to see concentrate on to in episode 2.